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MiHRM welcomes you to make full use of your membership benefits on joining the institute and enjoy the privileges.

A plan which best matches your needs

MIHRM provides members with the opportunities to develop and enhance knowledge and skills through its conferences, seminars, programmes and publications. Membership is open to organizations and also individuals who are engaged in HR functions, that is HR practitioners, academicians, consultants, general practitioners, senior managers, line managers and those who are committed to excellence in people management. MIHRM welcomes you to make full use of your membership benefits on joining the institute and enjoy the privileges being a member of MIHRM. Most importantly share ideas and problems with peers.

RM 25
Entrance Fee
Annual Subscription:
Ordinary: RM 100
Life: RM 1000 (one-off)
HR Club: RM 40
RM 150
Entrance Fee
Annual Subscription:
Up to 500 employees: RM 300
500 – 1000 : RM 450
1001 – 1500 : RM 600
1501 – 2000 : RM 750
2001 and Above : RM 1000
We provides extensive benefits for all our members from various groups including Organizational Members, Individual Members and Students Members.

Networking with industry groups

FREE TNA Clinical Advisory Services

Updates on Government and Statutory changes

Online HR Tool kits and MIHRM’s library

1:1 Accessibility to consultants at MIHRM office

Invitation to Quarterly President’s Round Table Dialogue

Special discounted rates for training & SMART Services

Most sought after MIHRM Certification Programmes

Certified Human Resource Officer

Certified Human Resource Manager

Certified Advanced Human Resource Manager

Certified Human Resource Director

Certified Industrial Relations Manager

Certified Training & Development Manager

Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager

Members services

Special discounted rates for training & SMART Services

Discounted rates for MIHRM Seminars

Access to MIHRM Physical Library on site

1:1 Accessibility to consultants at MIHRM office

Free admission to MIHRM Tea Talks

Free Advice on HR Matters & General Business

Networking with industry groups

MIHRM offers its members a wide range of free and discounted member services. MIHRM’s website homepage keeps members informed of its activities, industry happenings and issues affecting today’s global and national employment market.
MIHRM Membership Enhances your career

Advocate Industry and Community Involvement

Establish a Career Partnership

Comprehensive Structured Education

Earn Professional Recognition

Network with Top HR Leaders and Professionals

A career talk every quarter. Attendance to reflect in student credits.

ONE industry visit every year

Assistance in securing internship training / employment with partner organization

Presentation by individuals on specialized topics of benefits to the members

HELPLINE for free advice on HR matters

Access to MIHRM library / resource centre

Participation in MIHRM events at subsidized rates

Experience & exposure to professional work environment

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Those who are in the HR profession are qualified and also those who support the cause of MIHRM.

MIHRM organizes Tea-Talks, Public Programmes, Seminars, Conferences the annual Malaysia HR Awards and also various certification programmes to enhance the HR capabilities of practitioners.

We are a professional body and are affiliated with WFPMA (World Federation of People Management Association). Our patron is the Honourable Minister of Human Resources.

You can register on-line to be a member and we will follow-up with you on the payment later.

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